Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My name is Rahayu binti Ahmad Rahimi. I come from Arau, Perlis. I was the third child of six siblings. I like listening to radio, reading novels, playing games.I like seafood, spicy dishes. My ambition is to become a successful lecturer. my mother's name is Mrs. Saodah bt Hj Daud. my father's name also was Mr Ahmad Rahimi b Abd Aziz. I have 2 sisters and 3 younger brothers.I have 2 sisters and 3 younger brothers. My eldest sister who is 23 years old named Rahuda.My second sister is 22 years old named Raihana.My fourth brother named Rafidi 17 years old. My brother is the fifth and sixth are not identical twins, aged 14 years was named Rasyidi, Rusyaidi.I have a happy family, which is why I like being at home again from here. I miss them very much.My favorite drink is fruit juice. my height is 167 cm. I like the sport because it gives me extreme satisfaction. I really enjoy playing netball and handball. I was awarded the best goal scorer in the state of basketball games.I also like other human beings which have the worst memories of the most beautiful and memorable. memories of my beautiful family is in Songkhla, Thailand. there father is always bringing us around. My worst memory was that I was falling from the bike at the age of 8 years where I experienced a rather severe injury in which I was charged 5 foot sewing needle. Sewing is an effect on me until only about myself that I can relate to this .... Thank you.